How can I view colleagues' actions in the system?

You can view your colleagues' actions inSettings - Action Log.

Action Log

The default types of actions displayed in the Log:

  • Actions with comments - send reply, close, close with reply, delete, tagging.
  • Actions with messages - send reply, close dialog, close with reply, tagging.
  • Actions with authors - ban/unban, notes.
  • System Actions - actions to manage templates, tags, users, etc.

If you have integrated Angry.Space with external social listening systems, user actions will also be logged in theSocial listeningsection.

If you haveIssuessection enabled in your workspace, the actions related to them will also be logged in the Action Log.

Use the search bar to help you find the action you are looking for.
Now you can filter logs by company, user, action, and date (if no period is selected, actions for the last 30 days are displayed by default).
In the filter all actions are also divided by types: comments, messages, user actions, system actions, social listening (in case of integration with one of the external social listening systems) and issues.
From the comment window, you can go straight to the Action Log with filters preset. To do so, click on the username in the upper right corner in the comment box.

For certain actions related to the handling of requests, the handling time is additionally displayed in the log (in the gray bar under the user name).
It starts counting from the moment the user opens a comment/dialog/response window in the service until one of the actions is performed: In progress, Reply, Reply and close, Close without reply.

To analyze the logs independently, the Action Log can be exported to CSV.