Social listening (external monitoring)

At present, there are several systems for social listening and analyzing social media and media outlets on the market. They are essential for maintaining customer loyalty, mitigating reputational risks and building effective communication with customers.

In order to handle all identified key messages as quickly and efficiently as possible, we have created integration with leading external social listening systems -Brand Analytics.

Integration is configured on the side of social listening systems in your personal cabinet:

You can send mentions from these systems either manually or automatically according to customized rules.

If you connect sending mentions to Angry.Space, they will appear in the appropriate company under the Social listening tab.

By default, when you go to the Social listening section, the statusesNew- unhandled mentions, andIn progress- mentions that have been started.
To view mentions with aClosedstatus, select the appropriate filter in the box on the left, or check the checkbox at the top.

Social listening

The mention window contains:

  • Name of the company in Angry.Space with the name of the topic in the external system
  • Name of the author of the message
  • Source (site) with the possibility to go to the publication by clicking on the name of the site
  • Type of the message containing the mention, if this information is available (post, repost, comment, reply to a comment, forum)
  • If it is a comment, additionally indicates the source of the original publication (for example, the name of a group in a social network)
  • The text of the publication itself
  • Buttons for working with the mention (Comment, In progress, Close).

The "In progress" button allows you to start handling the mention in the service, in the feed other operators will see that this mention is already In progress.

The Comment button allows you to leave an internal comment. For example, in comments, you can reply with the answer that the operator left in the original source.

The Close button closes the mention in the service - marks it as handled.

Unfortunately, it's not yet possible to reply to the mention directly from Angry.Space, as the service only allows you to send replies to messages in your own Pages.
To respond to a mention where required, go to the publication by clicking the appropriate icon in the upper right corner. Please note that it is not always possible to leave a comment (for example, if the author of the post has restricted the ability to comment on their posts).

After you have replied to the author of the publication, close the mention in the service with the Close button. The status will change toClosed, and the mention will disappear from the current list.

Additionally, you can tag mentions with pre-createdtags.

Statistics on mentions are presented in the form of a graph. You can view it by clicking on the Statistics button at the top of the page. Statistics are displayed for the time interval selected in the mentions filtering window (last 30 days by default).

Automatic mention handling rulesare available for users onTeam and Business plans, which will make your work even easier.