What are Social profiles and Companies?

Social profilies

By Social profile we mean any profile from a social network that you can connect for social listening:

  • Facebook public pages
  • VK communities, groups and pages
  • X (ex-Twitter) social profiles
  • Instagram business and author profiles
  • Odnoklassniki pages and groups
  • YouTube channel
  • Telegram bot
  • Viber public social profile
  • ICQ bot
  • WhatsApp Business API profile

You canconnectany of the above social profiles in any combination. The number of social profiles that can be connected to social listening is limited by the terms of your billing plan.

For example, the Team billing plan includes connection of 9 social profiles.
This means that you can connect:

  • 9 different Facebook public pages,
  • or 3 Facebook pages, 3 YouTube channels, 3 X (ex-Twitter) social profiles
  • or any other combination of profiles.


Profiles can be grouped into companies for ease of use. The company in Angry.Space is a social profile group. In order not to customizeaccess rights,templates,tags, etc. for each social profile, you can combine them into a company and customize them once.

You can create a new company andadd the desired Social profilesto it underSettings - Social profiles:

Social profiles and companies