How is access control organized?

The rights assigned to a user are active only within Angry.Space and not transferred to the social network.

The users you add to Angry.Space need not manage connected social media profiles. They can handle content with proper access to Angry.Space, while not having access to page management on the social page itself.

The service has five levels of access:

  • Read Only- the user can view the content of connected social profiles without being able to perform any actions on the content.
  • Moderator- the user can review content, tag, close without reply, delete comments, and ban users. Can't reply.
  • Operator- the user can view and handle content, and reply to users on behalf of connected social profiles.
  • Analyst- the user can review content and analyze statistics. Can't respond to appeals, delete them, etc.
  • Administrator- the user can accomplish all of the mentioned above, as well as manage social profiles, users, and other settings.

If you add a new user, you can also choose what type of content they will have access to (direct messages and/or comments and @mentions) by checking the appropriate checkboxes.

How is access control organized?

This approach allows you to manage access to all connected social profiles very flexible. You can at any time edit what social profiles a particular user has access to. To do this, go toSettings - Usersand click the edit icon next to the selected user.

Change the available to the user companies and the rights in them, save the changes. If the user has been granted access to a new company, the user will receive an email notification. In the list you see all the companies whose access you can manage.