Statistics on the number of comments and messages

In the"Comments and @mentions"block, you can see the trend by comments received, broken down by status.

The number of comments on various social media sites as a percentage and numerically of the total number of comments received is highlighted separately.

For the selected period (default 30 days), you can quickly estimate:

  • Number of commentsreceivedfrom users
  • Number ofmentions via @
  • Number ofreplies sent(both from the service and from the social network itself)
  • Total number of comments, @mentions and replies
  • Number ofunhandledcomments (with status "New")


Additionally, in the "Comments and @mentions" block it is possible to enable counting the number of unique (new) authors for a period. To do this, write to our support team in any convenient way.


Your pages' most commented posts are highlighted below the graph. You can track the peaks of audience activity on the graphs.


If you have integration with external social listening systems (more details here), an additional block"Monitoring"will appear under the "Comments and @mentions" block, which will collect statistics on the mentions received from external sources.
For the selected period (30 days by default) you can evaluate:

  • Total number of mentions received
  • Number of mentions received in the last 24 hours
  • Number of unhandled mentions (with status New)


In the"Messages"block you can see the statistics on handling of direct messages.

Compare the number of incoming messages with sent messages, keep track of the number of active dialogs.

The number of messages in different social networks as a percentage and numerical ratio of the total number of incoming messages is highlighted separately.

For the selected period (30 days by default) you can quickly evaluate:

  • Number ofdialogs with unique users
  • Number ofincomingmessages (if one user wrote 3 messages, all 3 will be counted)
  • Number ofsent messages(sent replies)
  • Total number of direct messages (incoming and sent)
  • Number ofunhandleddialogs (with "New" status)


In the bottom block you can see the statistics for each social profile separately. Bursts of activity are much more noticeable on such charts. To see detailed statistics for a specific social profile, simply click on that social profile.

Next to each social profile is the current number of subscribers. The figures are updated daily.