Eliminating the collection of comments

The Angry.Space service has added a technical option to disable the collection of comments under certain posts for Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, VK, Odnoklassniki pages.

To disable collecting comments under a post, go toSettings - Social profilesand click on the link next to the desired social profile:

Disable collection of comments under a post

In the window that appears, click "Select posts":

Select posts

Then in the list, find the post you want to exclude from social listening and finalize the setting with the "Add" button.

Find a post that needs to be removed

Please note that for VK pages, there is a separation by type of content that can be added to the exceptions, as users can leave comments both under the post itself and under the photo or video added to the post. In the list, such posts will be duplicated with the content type at the top. In this case, you need to add both the post itself and attachments to the exceptions.

Once a post is added to the exceptions, the comments under it will not be counted in the statistics.