Response sent, but could not get info from...

This error may occur during handling requests from Facebook, Instagram, and AppFollow reviews.

When you click in the Reply service, we, using the source API, publish that reply to the social network. Do it in two requests:

  1. Sending your reply.
  2. Receiving additional information on this reply and saving it in the service.

This error occurs when the source to a request to send a response has returned the information that the response has been accepted. And on the second request to get information on this answer, it returns an error that there is no such answer.

In some situations, the reply is eventually published with a few minutes delay, in some it is not published at all.
This is due to technicalities/problems on the source side.
Therefore, our service returns an error, as it cannot be verified that the reply is actually published.

If you receive such an error, the following can be done:

  1. Usually it helps to resend the reply.
  2. Switch to the source (by clicking on the date on the top right) and see if the answer appears or not.