Instagram comment has not been added - confirm comment text

If you are unable to reply to some Instagram comments and receive this error message, most probably Instagram's automated systems have deemed your comment as a spam or inappropriate content.

Why would this happen?

Instagram has certainrules for commenting:

  • You can add no more than 5 mentions with the @ symbol in one comment.
  • You can add no more than 30 hashtags per comment.
  • The same comment (including emoticons) cannot be posted more than once.

Moreover, Instagram filters comments that contain certain words and phrases (unfortunately, there is no list of these words and phrases).

Also, this error may occur when your social profile has been banned for a period of time for adding new comments. This can happen after sending a large number of identical or very short comments, when you actively send likes in a short period of time, or when you receive a sufficient number of complaints from users about your comments or posts.

What should I do in this situation?

  • Try to change your comment - change the wording, rephrase, etc.
  • Avoid using the same response to multiple comments - this can be seen as an "automatic" response
  • Avoid using answers that are too short or answers that consist only of emoticons
  • Try to post a reply on Instagram directly

If you can't reply to any comments at all, your social profile is probably being restricted for adding new comments for some period of time.
If you are convinced that your social profile is banned unreasonably, tryto contact Instagram support and report the issue.