No access to linked Instagram social profile

After the connection an Instagram social profile to the Angry.Space service, a user may encounter the error "No access to linked instagram social profile":
No Instagram access

This error indicates that this social profile isnot linked to the Facebook pageat this moment.

We recommend checking the following in this situation:
Look at which page your Instagram social profile is linked to.

You can do thisin the official Instagram app on your phone.
Open the app. Open the social profile. Click Edit profile.
Look at what is specified for the Page item in the Public business information section:
No Instagram access

  • If your profile is not linked to a Facebook page, link it using theInstructions

  • If the profile is linked to a page you don't have access to, you won't be able to connect the social profile to the service. First you need to get Admin rights for the linked page. To do this, contact the owner of the Facebook page.

If you are already a Facebook Page Admin, you can additionally check the binding in the settings of the page itself.

To do so, go to the Facebook page. Go toSettings - Instagram.

Sometimes when you try to pin an Instagram page, it gives the following error: Confirm connecting your Facebook page to Instagram
This means that the Facebook page has been added to Facebook Business Manager.

Business Manager is a hub that contains all company information and Facebook marketing activity. In addition Business Manager assumes its own role system.
Even if you've been assigned as an Admin from your Facebook page settings, but this role is not duplicated in Facebook Business Manager, you'll be limited in your rights to manage your page. In particular, you can't change the binding of pages.

If you encounter this problem, we recommend contacting your Business Manager admin to grant you the necessary permissions in Business Manager itself or to configure the binding of your Instagram social profile to your Facebook page yourself.