Why some Instagram comments don't show up in the service?

When you create a promo on Instagram, the original post is duplicated, getting a unique id and link. As of now, Facebook is starting to separate comments intoorganicandnon-organic(link).

Organic, in this case, are comments posted under the original post, and non-organic are comments left under the promotional post.

Please note that Instagram itself will show all comments below the original post.

Collecting comments under a promotional post

Collecting comments under a promotional post

In order to enable the collection of comments under advertising posts in Instagram, the Facebook user, who connected the social profile to the service, must have access to the advertising cabinet, which runs ads for this social profile.
You can see which cabinets you have access to here: https://www.facebook.com/adsmanager/

Whenconnecting a social profile for the first time, the user can independently specify in the service from which advertising social profile non-organic comments are collected.
Ifthe social profile is already connected to the service without collecting advertising comments, and you have access to the advertising cabinet, please send us a message using any convenient way and we will set up the collection of non-organic comments ourselves.