How expensive is it to use?

The service usage fee depends on the number of connected Pages, users added to the system and the number of messages and comments per month (incoming and outgoing).

You can find the best billing plan in thePricessection .

For example, you have a total of 15 Pages connected in different social networks, 4 operators work in the service, and the total number of messages/comments per month is 15000.
In this case, the Team billing plan (9 Pages, 2 users, 10,000 posts/comments per month included) will be suitable for you.
The total price will be: 80$ (base price of Team billing plan) + 6 * 5$ (6 additional pages) + 2 * 50$ (2 additional users) + 5 * 4$ (5000 additional messages/comments per month over the billing plan limit) =230$per month.

As you can see from the example you are paying for what you use in proportion to the load you create.
If in the current reporting period you add a new user, social profile or exceed the number of posts and comments included in the billing plan, the system will automatically calculate a new cost taking into account the new excesses for the next reporting period.

If you need more options than our standard plans, email us to form a personalized billing plan.