Adding a Telegram bot to third-party chats and channels

Recently, there has been an increase in cases when a bot connected to the service is added to third-party group chats and/or channels, and the service starts collecting comments that are not related to your brand.
To avoid this, we recommend that you do the following:

1. After connecting the bot to the service, disallow further additions to groups via settings in chat with @BotFather.
To do this, go to the Bot Settings and turn off the ability to add to groups (Allow Groups - Turn groups off).

Disabling adding to groups

In case you need to add the bot to some other group in the future, the ability to add it beforehand will need to be enabled again.

2. In the service, go to your Telegram social profile settings underSettings - Social profilesand enable the ban on adding bots to channels by moving the corresponding switch.

Disabling adding to channels

Once this ban is enabled, the bot will automatically log out of the channels to which it is added.

If your bot has already been added to any channel and/or group chat and the service is collecting spam, email us in any convenient way so we can help you: