Why social listening doesn't work?

In most social networks it is so arranged that when you change your password, set up two-factor authentication or change user access rights, authorization on external services stops working.
Therefore, in such situations, social listening of connected social profiles may be partially or completely suspended. In some cases, collecting comments and messages may continue to work, but when you try to send a response in the service, an Invalid session or Error validating access token error appears.

When this happens, an email about social profiles listening issues is sent to the admin who connected the social profiles to the service.
Therefore, it is important to specify a valid email that you check regularly, because important notifications from the service may be sent to it.

In addition, social profiles whose social listening has stopped working are highlighted in red underSettings - Social profiles.

Why social listening doesn't work

To resume social listening, youneed to re-authorize on the social networkvia Angry.Space. To do this, go to edit your social profile and click on the "Authorize" button.

Why social listening doesn't work

After that, social listening of comments and posts will resume.