What type of notifications does the service send?

You can customize your Angry.Space social profiles to receive notifications of new comments and direct messages received. The service will also send notifications if the author edits a comment after the comment has been handled by the operator.
Service admins can receive email notifications on the pay period end and incoming payments.

Choose where you'd prefer to receive notifications - email, Telegram, or Slack.

What type of notifications does the service send

If you have multiple companies created, select which companies to send notifications for.
In the notification settings, you can set when to receive notifications (for example, exclude weekends or night hours), and select only certain social profiles for which you would like to receive notifications (by default, event notifications are sent to all social profiles).

Please note that it is not possible to separate notifications for individual social profiles/companies to different chats or email addresses within a single user. The notification feed is separated only for different users of the service.