How can I set up email notifications?

If you want to receive notifications of new comments and direct messages to your email, just activate the toggle. Notifications will start being sent immediately.
Admins also receive email notifications of the end of the paid period and payment receipts.

Connecting the bot to Angry.Space

Notifications will only be sent to the confirmed email.
For now, notifications can only be configured to the email that was specified at the service registration.

Please note that the delay in receiving email notifications can beup to 5 minutes.

By clicking on the gear next to the enabled notification, you will go to the advanced settings window.
Here you can configure a convenient time to receive notifications, such as turning off notifications at night and on weekends.
To enable sending notifications for mentions only, excluding notifications for comments under posts.
And also select specific social profile you want to receive notifications for.

Connecting the bot to Angry.Space